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Made for the Environment

1 - The Performance Art Event

At 12:00 noon on Friday, 10 February 2017, I will walk naked through the streets of downtown Vancouver. I will start at the south-east corner of Smithe and Hornby streets and walk to the west corner of Robson and Howe streets. I will then turn around and retrace my steps. I will keep walking back and forth until I am too cold to continue. The red line on the map below shows my route.

Performance Route Map

I will also be holding a large sign. One side of the sign reads: "For the Environment: Live as the Yaghan". The other side reads: "For the Environment: Legalize Human Gene Editing". Below are images of me holding the sign.

Rick Gibson with Signs

My performance time will be accurately recorded from the moment I take off my clothes to the moment I put them back on. I will also record the outside temperature as well as the weather conditions. I will then go home.


  © Rick Gibson 2017  

  2 - Reason