Dead Animals
I Own a Uterus with a Paint Job

By now I was having moral problems. I had reached a point where I wasn't comfortable using the dead bodies of animals that had been killed against their will. If I was going to continue freeze-drying with a clear conscious, I had to start working with a new material.

At first I thought about using road-kills that had been killed accidentally, but I wanted official purchase receipts to prove to everyone that I was a law-abiding citizen who was legally buying my art supplies from government-approved businesses.

Then I started to think about using dead humans, which I could legally buy from the same educational supply companies that sold me the dead animals.

So I phoned one of these companies and asked, "Where do you get the human bodies from?" And a salesman told me that the bodies started out as unclaimed dead corpses lying in the streets of foreign countries. The foreign countries collected and sold these unwanted bodies to his educational supply company which processed the foreign cadavers into catalogue items which his company sold to anyone.

Upon hearing that his company sold embalmed human body parts which came from humans that had lived free-range and died from natural causes in their familiar environment, I bought a preserved human uterus.

After taking it out of its packaging, I dissected it, freeze-dried it, covered parts of it with masking tape, abstractly spray-painted it and mounted it on top of copies of its puchase receipt and the catalogue page that listed it as:

Human Uterus. In Formalin. Complete with ovaries. US$120.

PICTURE: color photo of my hands holding the rectangular plaque with receipts and painted freeze-dried human uterus.