After moving to Vancouver, I read about an new technology called “holography” which used laser beams to make three-dimensional pictures. Eager to see what a hologram looked like, I visited the holography studio of Al Razutis.

Razutis's holograms were stunning. Indeed, they were so stunning I asked him to teach me how to make them. He agreed and when the lessons ended, he hired me to help him make ethereal holograms and attach them to sculptures made from metal, plastic and wood.

Razutis's studio was also part of a vibrant art scene that included the animator Shelley McIntosh, the artist Gary Lee-Nova, the artist Catherine McTavish, the choreographer Evelyn Roth, the holographer Jerry Pethick, the animators Marv Newland and Al Sens, the art lecturers Ian Wallace and Sam Carter, the filmmaker David Rimmer as well as the contemporary art curators Bau-Xi Huang, Jack Hardman, and Alvin Balkind.

I want to thank all of these people for encouraging me to make art.