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Coin-operated Sculpture

For a couple of years I made conventional and interactive sculptures. Below are two coin- activated sculptures from that period.

Pain Dispenser

Pain Dispenser

This machine was made for the Brixton Art Gallery's "1984 Show" in London, England. When coin activated, it delivered a 6000 volt electric shock for three seconds.

It was also exhibited at Heaven, The Fridge and The Wag Club where it was used by 1,257 paying customers.

Besides electifying their tongues, night clubbers also scratched off the lettering, broke the voltage gauge, stole the metal ball and kicked it repeatedly. It was taken to the rubbish dump on 9 July 1984.

Fly Meat

The only time this piece was publicly exhibited was at the Brixton Art Gallery's "Made in London - Sculpture Show" in August 1984. After inserting a coin, gallery patrons could press either of two buttons that opened small doors on the walls separating chambers X, Y and Z. These doors were programmed to stay open for 3 seconds, after which another coin needed to be inserted if they were to be opened again. Every time the doors opened, lights in the chamber floors were momentarily turned on.

Initially, chamber X contained some live house flies. The idea was to get the flies to move from Chamber X through to Chamber Z, where a large house spider could trap them in its web and eat them.

During its exhibit at the gallery, the spider ate 5 flies and shed its skin once. Also, an animal rights group protested the piece by smashing a brick through the gallery's front window.

coin-operated spider fly food

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