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Holy Men

3D Information

The six pictures in this exhibition are 3D lenticular prints.  They show a computer picture of a face projected onto a three-dimensional surface. These stereoscopic lenticular prints can be seen without wearing special glasses.

At the moment, the internet cannot accurately show this type of picture. However, by using lenticular animations or red-blue anaglyphs, the depth effect can be partially seen on this website. The only way to experience the full, three-dimensional depth effect is to see the real lenticular print hanging on a wall.


Artist Statement

God is good. God is great. God is masculine. Therefore God has a penis which is good and great.

My series of three-dimensional prints is a tribute to six religious leaders. All of these men are divine emissaries of God who speak for God on Earth.

The penis of God is good and great. His penis stands for strength, vitality and virility. These characteristics can be found in of all of these pious men. They are strong, powerful and eager to impregnate the minds of others with an understanding of God.

Therefore, the greatest honor I can ever hope to offer these men and their photos, is to make three-dimensional pictures that reveal the penis of God within them.

Click on a picture to see a revelation

Lenticular Animations

Abdul Azeez Ayatollah Khamenei President Monson Pope Benedict Shlomo Amar Patriarch Bartholemew

Red/Blue Anaglyphs

Abdul Azeez Ayatollah Khamenei Thomas Monson Pope Benedict Shlomo Amar Patriach Bartholemew