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In 1976, I met the Vancouver artist Al Razutis, who taught me how to make holograms. In 1977,
I was awarded a Canada Council Arts Grant to build my own holography studio to study holographic special effects.

Selective Memories

I started with lighting techniques. On the right is a photograph of a 3D hologram that features spot-lit pebbles in the foreground and rough-edged rocks lurking in the shadows.

laser spotlit stones

Holographic double exposure interferometry

Force and Stress

I also studied holographic interferometry. The image on the right is a two-exposure hologram of a plastic dildo. During the first exposure, a small stone is left sitting on the top of the dildo. Between the first and second exposure, I removed the stone. The second exposure is then made without the stone.

The final hologram shows a pattern of lines that reveal the amount and direction of the force exerted on the dildo.

The Auschwitz Display at Disneyland

This hologram records a pile of 50 dehydrated chicken heads stacked on top of a mirror. I bought all of the heads from a local slaughter house and then dried them out with alcohol.

dehydrate chicken heads on top of a mirror

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