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3D Anaglyphs

With advances in computer graphics, there is a renewed interest in stereoscopic imaging. Innovative software make it possible to create three-dimensional environments, with or without photographs.

In 1994, I began to produce computer-generated anaglyphic prints. These prints are viewed through red and blue glasses. I exhibited these images on my first website (http://www.express.ca/rigibson). It is reproduced below, along with its internal links.

Red/Blue Glasses


For maximum appreciation of this totally 3-D site, please wear your red and blue glasses at all times. Red and blue glasses can usually be purchased from your local comic book store or they can be ordered from Reel 3-D or American Paper Optics.


The Gallery

   Patterns Define Space   Patterns Define Space  
  February 1996

Repetition Patterns   Repetition Patterns (detail)  
  January 1996

Through and Beyond   Through and Beyond  
  November 1995

Stereo Abstract   Stereo Abstract  
  November 1995

Holes in Space   Holes in Space  
  June 1994



If you have comments or questions about any of the material on this page please email them to me at rigibson@express.ca


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